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"Sunshine Fire Entertainment is a duo fire performance act out of Detroit Michigan that promises an unforgettable performance incorporating various elements in the art of fire manipulation. The exhilarating show features fast-paced stunts with eye-dazzling pillars of flame, whirling snake torches, and blazing hula-hoops that envelope the performers in curtains of fire. And for a more personal up-close experience: slow, mysterious acts where performers control the actual flames in their own hands and even ignite themselves. Whether in solo or partnered acts, Sunshine Fire Entertainment is sure to amaze spectators of all ages."

Hello! Welcome to Sunshine Fire Entertainment. We offer Fire Performance for all occasions, using a wide range of Dance and Martial Techniques. Typical Performances include:

-Fire Eating
-Fire Breathing
-Fire Spinning
-Fire Hooping
-Fire Acrobatics ____

Specialty Acts
Partner Acrobatics
Arial Acrobatics


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"At 5:30 p.m., Moniz, her husband and their three children were the first people on the museum's plaza. A half-hour later, the crowd had swelled, forming a ring that was five or six people deep.

And the fire dancers didn't disappoint: one dancer whirled a flaming stick into the air and later blew a stream of fire out of his mouth, while the other swallowed flaming torches and then twirled a flaming hoop around her hips. The performers reminded the onlookers they were trained professionals." -Charis Anderson, Standard Times, Jan 1, 2012

"For 8-year-old Gavin Ciarcia, the evening's highlight was undoubtedly a spectacular performance by two fire artists on the whaling museum plaza.

"The best part was when he did the fire circle," Gavin said of Keegan, who along with his partner Veeka stages fire shows across New England. The show drew gasps from viewers as the pair casually swallowed fire, danced with a flaming hula-hoop or rotated balls of fire with blinding speed." -Don Cuddy, Standard Times, Jan 1, 2010




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