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The current members of the Sunshine Fire Entertainment troupe are:

Jadey Bug
Kady Bug

Together they have logged over 200 hours of professional classes in safety, performance, and technique. The troupe has performed at:

Fire & Ice Festival, Bay Harbor, MI 2013
Sturgis Fest, Sturgis MI, 2013
Midnight in the Tropics, Sunrise Rotary Club, MI 2013
Private Parties in MI, MA, CT, NY
Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, MA 2011
Eisner Camp, MA '11
Sunday River Resort, ME 2010 - 12
New Bedford AHA, MA 2011-12
Winterfest, Lowell, MA 2011-12
Moonlingh Magic, Shelburne Falls, MA '10
Salmon Fest, Shelburne Falls, MA '09,'10
Hampshire College 40th Anniversary, MA
Umass Amherst, MA
Wachusett Ski, MA
Amherst Haiti Relief, MA
First Night, New Bedford, MA '09, '10
Private Halloween parties in MA, CT
Shaoulin Kung Fu of Amherst. MA '09, '10
Long Lake Camp for the Arts, NY

poi spin off

Keegan:  “I started performing with fire just over three years ago. After graduating College with a BA in art, specifically Kinetic Sculpture, I found myself in need of something new.  My friend Tiger (team F.A.D.E.) had been involved in the fire community for several years, and had been forever talking of the beautiful and loving community she had found in the fire family, and at WildFire. The stories she told, the people she spoke of, opened my eyes to a new way of life:  positive energy, forward thinking, and just a general appreciation for the life I have been given.  I was working as a custodian at the time, the summer after graduation.  It was at this job that I earned the name “Sunshine” born from my new, perky and positive attitude. The fact that my new beautiful and loving friends also spun fire was kind of a happy side-note.  It is this positive energy and love that I hope to bring to others through my fire."

(photo by Anya Zelenkova)


Jadey Bug: "In 2006 I saw my first fire performance and like most, was amazed at the way someone can make something so intense look so effortless. From that point on there was no turning back, I wanted to absorb everything I could. In the beginning my skill of choice was Fire Poi. By 2007 I was ready for a change of pace, I wanted to take all that I learned and apply it to something a little more majestic; The hula hoop. The way it danced and twirled around my body was not only relaxing, but energizing. I am also blessed to have some amazing teachers that have taught me how to not only dace with fire, but to manipulate and eat it as well. Today my passion has taken my love of fire and combined it with my love for acrobatic yoga. I also specialize in Fire Eating, Fire Fans and Fire Staff. What made me hooked is the experience, now I share that experience with others.

jade fleshingJadey Bug

Kady Bug: "I was first drawn to hoop dance in the summer of 2007, one festival after the next I would continue to see this beautiful new way of dancing! Finally I met some local hula hoopers at the Detroit Jazz festival who told me how to make my own. I have continued to evolve ever since, and in 2009 was introduced to a variety of fire performers via the Detroit Fire Guild. I became very passionate about hoop dance & continued to look for ways to expand my experience. I've found that yoga goes hand in hand with hooping and I am pursuing becoming a yoga teacher. A year ago I began learning acrobatic yoga and aerial. When I took my first lesson, I had no idea I would come this far so fast."
Kady Bug


Firebugz Jadey & Kady: Jadey and Kady have been working together since March of 2012, though their friendship is much older. What brought these two together is they’re love for dance, and since then it has turned into so much more. With a variety of skills from the fire arts to acrobatics and even acting, these ladies have dazzled audiences and inspired students by teaching what they love. Not only are these ladies available as a duo, they also offer a wide range of skills on an individual basis.

jadey and kadyThe Firebugz Jadey and Kady



Fire Eater in Amherst

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