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Sunshine Fire Entertainment makes their own Fire Toys.

S.F. Toys fabricates custom, unique fire toys, as well as traditional props. While we do assemble wicks using traditional hardware, we finish the kevlar with hand sewing, so there is no exposed metal on the body of the wicks. (Today nearly all manufacturers rivet or bolt their wicks. While this enables them to keep the price down, it also leaves hardware exposed.) We are open to any and all suggestions, and very willing to create toys for Fire Performers on commission.  We utilize many fabrication techniques including blacksmithing, milling, and welding. Below is a list of available toys, and past projects



Fire Poi

Palm Torches

Eating Torches

Fire Snakes

Fire Swords

Fire Spear

Fire Rose

Fire Hoop












CAUTION:  Fire is dangerous.  Sunshine Fire Entertainment is in no way responsible for how these items are used, and any damage caused by them.  Use only with proper safety, supervision, and training.


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