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Solar Flair Poi


4.5" set $90 (these are huge)
4" $80 (shown)
3.5" $75

Sets come with ball chain by default, twisted link also available.


The Solar Flair Poi provides maximum durability with maximum fire. Shown above is a conventional 4" Barrel stitch capped on each side with folded over 1" wick. This is made clear in the image below. The idea is that by doubling up the thickness of the last stitch on the top and bottom, and further dipping the base of the poi in a polymer adhesive, the base of the poi will last longer. (The first part of a well made poi head to burn out will almost always be the bottom.) The head shown here is 4.5". Any size available.

Wicks are assembled with a nut and bolt core, and sewn on the bottom for a more aesthetically pleasing design with no exposed rivets or bolts.



Below is a different design, I call the Grenade. It is half Barrel stitch, and half something else. The idea here is that the chain will actually emerge straight from the poi head, with ALL connecting hardware covered by the wick. Spiral wraps have never been less painful. Although this is a 4" head, the flame is that of a 3" because of its shape.

grenade poi




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