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***Safety is our first priority. To see our safety precautions, click HERE

We offer fire performances for all occasions.  While it is preferable to perform outdoors, indoor performances are very possible, as long as the cieling is at least 10 feet high.  We pride ourselves on being extremely flexible and easy to work with.

We offer two basic packages:

Performance Package

For an event where the audience will stay in one place and watch the entire performance from beginning to end:  (i.e. small birthday or house parties)  16 minute NON-STOP fire performance, featuring eating, breathing, and dancing with fire.

Roaming Package

For an event where the audience will only stop to watch in passing: (i.e. festival or street fair)  Performers will display their skills for 1 hour with a 3-5 minute rest period every 15 minutes. This is not a "show", but a relaxed demonstration of talent.
In the case of a larger event, we will call on our fellow performers accordingly.
We perform to musical accompaniment played through our own sound system.

Specialty Acts
Partner Acrobatic and Arial acts are also available. Arial acts require that the venue have adequate rigging points installed prior to our arrival.


If you are interested in hiring us, please email us at  In your email please specify the location and approximate time you are interested in having us on, with a phone number to reach you if possible. 

If it is windy at the time of performance, fire breathing, eating, and contact fire may not be possible.
In the event of heavy rain or snow, the show will be cancelled with a full refund with the exeption of any incurred travel expenses and deposit.

Our rates are determined by 4 factors.
-type of venue/performance/duration
-travel time
-cost of performers insurance


If you are booking your a performance more than 2 months in advance, we ask for a deposit which will be non-refundable, weather withstanding.



We have never had an incident.
Sunshine Fire Entertainment is born out of the New England Fire Community.  Our high level of safety has been mocked (in a loving way) by other fire performers both national and international.  UK performers have confidentially told us that we are “anal” and “overboard” with safety.

An abc fire extinguisher is always kept in the performance space.

Anytime there is an open flame effect in action, a fire retardant blanket is kept in the hand of a ‘safety’ person.  The safety watches the performer carefully to monitor any accidental flame transfer from the prop to the performer or venue.

We store our fuel in a ‘double bucket’ system, in which the fuel container is placed in a smaller bucket within the large one.  Should the fuel container ignite, a lid is placed over the large bucket, the oxygen inside burns, and the flame goes out.

We are fully insured by Specialty Insurance Agency, covering any damage done to the property or guests in an amount up 5 million dollars.  We have never had a single mishap. We are extremely safe.


*  Contact Fire, or Fleshing: This fire art, along with fire eating, can be traced back to ancient India. Torches are run along skin leaving trails of flame on the flesh. Trails of fuel can also be lit, transferring flames from one torch to another.




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