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Bay Point Resort

Had an amazing performance last night at Bay Point. What a great crowd. Set list: 

Jennabelle: Fire Fans

Keegan: Fire Poi

Jennabelle: Fire Eating

Keegan: Contact Staff

Jennabelle: Fire Hula Hoop

Keegan: Fire Snakes and Fire Breathing.  


 This is pretty standard for our 20 minute Performance Package.  

 Here is a pic of the stage of being set up. 


We were also right across the bay from Cedar Point, Ohio, where we performed all summer last year.


Here is Jennabelle with her Fire Fans, picture taken by an audience member during the show.  

Fire Breathing

Fire Breathing


Children's Parties

Last night we performed for my all time favorite audience: a 10 year old's Birthday Party.

Kids are always our best audience.  They cheer super loud, and their faces completely light up every time we do a trick.  They are beside themselves with amazement and excitement.  There is nothing like the scream of a child as I eat or breath fire.

Happy Birthday Sean!  Hope it was a good one!


Chabad of Greater Dayton

This performance happened on March 12, but we just had some pictures sent to us.  Shadowe and Jennabelle headed up this gig, which was themed Purim in the 60's.  The audience was thrilled to see fire eating, fire hula hoop, fans, snakes, and poi.  Indoors no less!  The only pity about an indoor performance like this is that Shadowe doesn't get to breath fire.  Not because it was indoors though, just because the ceiling was too low!

jennabelle fire eating ohio
jennabelle fire dancing ohio
shadowe fire dancing snakes ohio
audience watching fire dancing ohio




Tonight we performed at COBO Center in Detroit for the Visit Michigan tourism conference.  We had a great show, wonderful audience, and it was such a pleasure to perform in the COBO atrium, a venue we have been hoping to perform in for years.  Shadowe burned Clubs, Poi, and Dart, while I burned Staff, Snakes, and of course did fire eating and breathing.  

fire dancing cobo1
fire dancing Cobo