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We have never had an incident.

We adhere to current NAFAA guidelines. 
Our high level of safety has been acknowledged by performance companies worldwide, and adopted by many.

An abc fire extinguisher is always kept in the performance space.

Anytime there is an open flame effect in action, a fire retardant blanket is kept in the hand of a ‘safety’ person.  The safety watches the performer carefully to monitor any accidental flame transfer from the prop to the performer or venue. The ‘safety’ person also makes sure the audience (including photographers) is at a safe distance

We store our fuel in a ‘double bucket’ system, in which the fuel bucket is placed within a larger container.  Should the fuel container ignite, a lid is placed over the large bucket, the oxygen feed stops, and the flame goes out. This is a fuel containment system used by performers nationwide.

We are fully insured by Specialty Insurance Agency, covering any damage done to the property or guests in an amount up to 5 million dollars per performer.  We have never had a single mishap. We are extremely safe.